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Mother, Mother

Are you listening?

My Mom is Nuts
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Is your Mom a little crazy? Does she do things that make you want to scream, "What the HELL are you thinking?"

If so, this community is probably for you.

This community is not for people who just dislike their parents in general because, omgz they gave you like, a curfew!

The community is for mature individuals. Those that realize that their mother is an insensitive idiot at times, making you just sit there and ask yourself if this is really happening.

Please do not join if you're just angry because mommy won't let you call your boyfriend/girlfriend for fifteen hours a day.

Comments made on posts that appear to be in a helpful manner, although a bit insensitive, will be allowed but blatant disrespect will not.

Play Fair.

All questions can be directed to sirengrrri at elisha.taylor(at)gmail.com or AIM: HeldtheViolets.